Four pours, three friends, and too much alcohol for a Tuesday night

Tonight, Sarah, Ruby, and I went to T.W. Food in Cambridge for their 4 course wine series event. Despite the fact that we had dinner yesterday evening, we somehow found things to talk about other than the food directly in front of us. Here are some snapshots of what we ate:


Tonight all of the wine was from coastal Provence.


The amuse-bouche was duck liver mousse on brioche, plus beet salad coated in ancho chili dressing with cilantro. Not pictured is the bread service, which Ruby and Sarah promptly destroyed (we got 3 refills over the course of one night).


Despite the fact that Sarah had already had this amuse-bouche just 3 days prior (she’s a true haute cuisine connoisseur), we still happily cleaned our plates!


The first course featured a delicious ratatouille with roasted red pepper puree,  as well as a soup with pesto (not pictured). The squash was perfectly cooked, and I could not get enough of the carrot puree on the bottom of the bowl.



The main course featured chicken over squash, roasted beets, and a potato gratin, or a quiche with radish and salad. The quiche turned out to be quite the dark horse in this course, with a perfect crisp crust; warm, eggy interior; and a beautiful whipped goat cheese topping.


Then there was a cheese course…but I forgot to take a picture of it! Instead, here’s a picture of Ruby (post-so many glasses of wine)


Finally, dessert was some cake thing with some sort of local berries. That part was irrelevant. What was very relevant and amazing was the goat milk whipped cream, which we ate with cake, with berries, and just plain by itself. Need proof?


Those are our empty plates. I wouldn’t say that we licked them clean, but I wouldn’t not say that we licked them clean.


Overall, it was great fun! Except for the part where Sarah was still too tipsy to bike home after leaving half her wine on the table…



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